Pansy ‘Matrix Mixed’


In a 10 cm pot 70p each

OR 6 in a multicell for £3.50 (BUY 5 GET 1 FREE)

OR 3 trays of 6 for £9.80 (BUY 14 GET 4 FREE)

An upright evergreen hardy perennial with mixed colours of white, yellow, purple, mauve, orange and sky blue or multi coloured cheery faces that flowers from January to May, specially bred for its super sized flowers & excellent branching habit. It grows to 20cm in full sun or partial shade. Can be planted just about anywhere in pots, planters or borders.

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Pansy ‘Matrix Mixed
Product Description: grows well in pots and thrive in sun or partial shade.
• Hardy perennial
• Easy to grow
• Flowers throughout the winter


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