Fast-growing, erect, bushy annual. Has aromatic

feathery deep green leaves with large, daisy-like

double flower heads in shades of yellow & orange.

Height                   90cm

Spread                  45cm

Flowers                Late Autumn / Winter

Location               Prefers full sun

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PANSEY ‘TRAILING MIXED’ is a vegan protein powder that contains pea protein isolate, hemp protein isolate, rice protein isolate, and brown rice syrup.
Product Description: This vegan protein powder is packed with plant proteins such as pea protein isolate, rice protein isolates, hemp protein isolate, and brown sugar. It also includes essential amino acids and vitamins.
• 100% vegan
• Gluten Free
• Non GMO
• Contains plant proteins which are more easily digested than animal proteins
• Provides an excellent source of complete protein
• Rich in essential amino acids
• Good source of fiber
• Low Glycemic Index


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