Dieffenbachia Picta ‘Camilla’


In a 1 litre pot. This popular house plant in ideal conditions can reach 5ft with a multitude of mottled leaf variations, but most have a green outer edge with creamish centre. It requires average temperatures above 60F even in winter and likes partial shade in summer then bright light in winter. Water regularly throughout the year, less in winter. Mist frequently after dusting the leaves with a soft cloth.

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Dieffenbachia Picta ‘Camilla’ is an award winning plant that has been grown in the UK since 1885. This plant is known for its large bi-colour leaves which have cream centres with green outer edges.
Product Description: Dieffenbachia Picta ‘Camilla’ has a unique look and is a great addition to any room.
• Large leaves
• Bi-colour leaves 
• Easy to grow
• Great for adding colour to your room
• Low maintenance


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