Pteris Cretica ‘Alba’


In a 1 litre pot. A rare house plant or fern as it produces fronds on delicate stems. This one looks variegated as it has light grey centres to the individual leaves. It prefers average warmth above 50F but should never be allowed to dry out or become waterlogged in good indirect light. As with all ferns mist regularly.

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Pteris Cretica ‘Alba’ is an evergreen shrub native to Greece and southern Italy. Its leaves are used in herbal medicine to treat colds, coughs, fever, and sore throats.
Product Description: This plant has been cultivated since antiquity and was once widely grown throughout Europe. Today, it is still found growing wild in parts of northern Italy and Greece.
• Leaves are used in herbal medicine
• Used in traditional Greek cuisine
• Contains anti-inflammatory properties
• Has antibacterial properties
• Can help reduce inflammation


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