Verbena Bonariensis ‘Buenos Airies’


A tall herbaceous perennial with an open habit of

grey / green foliage. its free flowering in autumn

with clusters of purple flowers. It prefers full sun

on any soil type in a mixed border growing to a

height of 1.2m, spreading to 50cm.

Height                                      1.2m

Spread                                      50cm

Location                                   Full sun in a mixed border

Flower                                      Autumn


Verbena Bonariensis ‘Buenos Airies’ Lemon Verbena
Product Description: This lemon verbena has been grown in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico since the early 1900’s. Its unique fragrance is reminiscent of lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits. It is used extensively in perfumes and cosmetics.
• Fragrant, sweet, and uplifting
• Great for adding to tea, coffee, and cocktails
• Use in cooking, baking, and more
• Sweet, uplifting, and fragrant
• Great for adding flavor to food and drinks
• Can be used in cooking, baking, etc.


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