Trachelospermum Jasminoides ‘Star of Toscane’ (Yellow)


This hardy evergreen climber provides a truly glamorous display throughout the majority of the summer from June onwards with    thousands of pure yellow star shaped flowers which fill the air with an irresistible, sweet fragrance. The glossy rich evergreen foliage turns deep red/bronze in autumn but remains evergreen. Can reach a height and spread of 8m if not pruned, in full sun or partial shade. Keep well watered and feed with a liquid fertilizer once a month.

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Trachelospermum Jasminoides ‘Star of Toscane’ (Yellow) is an evergreen shrub native to Italy. Its leaves are used in herbal medicine to treat colds, coughs, flu, fever, headaches, indigestion, and sore throats.
Product Description: This plant has been used since ancient times to cure many ailments. In fact, it was once called “the herb of health” because of its healing properties. Today, it is still widely used throughout Europe and Asia.
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antibacterial
• Antifungal
• Helps relieve symptoms associated with colds, flu, and other respiratory infections
• Has anti-bacterial properties
• Contains flavonoids which help reduce inflammation


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