is a portable subwoofer system designed for outdoor use.
Product Description: Sub-Base is a portable subwoofersystem designed for outdoor use. It has been developed to provide an affordable solution for those who wish to install their own subwoofer system without having to spend thousands of dollars.
Sub-base is a compact, lightweight and versatile subwoofer system which allows you to easily mount it anywhere. It comes with a built-in amplifier and a powerful 12″ woofer.
It features a low frequency response of 40Hz – 200Hz and a peak output power of 100W.
• Portable subwoofer system
• Built-in amplifier
• 12″ woofer
• Low frequency response of 40Hz–200Hz
• Peak output power of 100W
• Compact and lightweight design

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SUB-BASE is a sub base for concrete
Product Description: Sub Base is a ready mixed concrete which has been specially designed for use in the construction industry. This product is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial projects.
• Ready Mix Concrete
• Suitable for Domestic and Commercial Projects
• Waterproof
• Easy to apply
• Durable
• Low maintenance
• Long lasting


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