SEDUM SPECTABLIS ‘AUTUMN JOY’ – | Gardeners Paradise Northeast


A versatile border, herbaceous perennial which is

pleasing to the eye with its fleshy, rubbery light

green foliage. It comes in to its own in autumn

when other perennials are fading with long lasting

umbral clusters of dense rich pink flowers heads,

which can be left on the plant dried throughout winter.

Height                                      60cm

Spread                                      24cm

Location                                    Prefers a sheltered, sharply drained site

Flowers                                     Autumn


SEDUM SPECTABLIS ‘AUTUMN JOY’ – | Gardeners Paradise Northeast is an annual flowering plant native to Europe and Asia. Its leaves are dark green and glossy, and its flowers are bright yellow. This variety has been selected for its beautiful autumn colour.
Product Description: Sedum Spechtabliss ‘Autumn Joy’ is a hardy perennial that grows well in containers and borders. It produces masses of small white daisy-like flowers throughout summer and early autumn. In late autumn, these flowers change to golden yellow.
• Easy to grow
• Hardy perennial
• Flowers through summer and autumn
• Beautiful autumn colour
• Great for cutting
• Good for container gardening


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