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A perennial alpine which produces creeping mats

of fresh green toothed with solitary bright yellow

flowers in mid summer. It prefers full sun on a well

drained soil in gravel gardens, rockeries or the

front of borders.

Height                                      10cm

Spread                                      30cm

Location                                    Prefers full sun on a well drained soil

Flowers                                      Mid summer

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POTENTILLA AUREA (Alpine) – | Gardeners Paradise Northeast is an organic herbal tea blend
Product Description: Potentilla Aurea (Alpine) is a traditional herbal tea blend from Switzerland. Its name comes from the Latin word “potens” which means powerful. This herb has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. It was first mentioned in the writings of Dioscorides, a Greek physician who lived during the Roman Empire. He wrote about the plant in his book De Materia Medica.
Potentilla Aurea (alpine) is a perennial shrub native to Europe, Asia and North America. It grows in sunny areas such as meadows, alpine pastures and rocky slopes. In Switzerland, it is known as “Grosses Gänseblümchen”.
It is also called “Golden Rod”, “Hollyhock Tea” and “Wild Rose Tea”.
• Herbal tea
• Antioxidant
• Anti-inflammatory
• Digestive aid
• Relieves stress
• Promotes healthy sleep
• Supports immune system


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