Brilliant young red foliage in Spring, becoming dark

glossy green throughout the rest of the year. Large

clusters of white flowers also appear in Spring. A

truly elegant dense shrub that can also be used

as a hedge.

Height                   4 m

Spread                  4 m

Flowers                Late Spring.

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PHOTINIA X FRASEI ‘RED ROBIN’ is a premium quality, 100% organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil produced in Greece. This product has been specially selected for its unique characteristics and benefits.
Product Description: PHOTINIA® X FRASEI® ‘Red Robin’ is an extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively in Greece. It is a blend of three different varieties of olives grown in the region of Messinia, which are harvested between September and November. The olives are handpicked and then processed using traditional methods. The result is a rich, fruity, complex and balanced oil with a delicate citrus character.
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Organic
• Kosher
• Rich in antioxidants
• Good for the heart
• Great for cooking
• Ideal for salads
• Very versatile


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