Petunia ‘Hybrida Multiflora’


Fast-growing, erect, bushy annual. Has aromatic feathery deep green leaves with large, daisy-like double flower heads in shades of yellow & orange.

Height                   90cm

Spread                  45cm

Flowers                 Late Summer early Autumn

Location               Prefers full sun

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One of the most popular garden flowers, the easily grown Petunia always puts on a good show and can be pruned for a second flush of flowers. The hardest thing about growing Petunias is deciding what colour to choose and even that problem is solved with this colour mix.

Petunia ‘Hybrida Multiflora’ is an award winning hybrid variety of petunias which has been selected for its unique combination of large flowers and compact growth habit. This makes it ideal for growing in containers and hanging baskets.
Product Description: Petunia ‘hybrida multiflora’ is a popular garden plant due to its attractive flower colour and long flowering season. It is also known as ‘multiflora’ because of its many different coloured blooms.
• Compact growth habit
• Large flowers
• Long flowering season
• Attractive flower colour
• Easy to grow
• Good for container gardening


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