PEA GRAVEL 25kg is a pea gravel product which has been designed to provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional concrete driveways.
Product Description: Pea Gravel is an environmentally friendly driveway solution that provides a long lasting, durable surface that is low maintenance and requires minimal effort to maintain.
Pea Gravel is manufactured using a unique manufacturing process that results in a fine, granular material that is ideal for creating a smooth, hard wearing surface.
It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications and is available in a range of sizes and shapes.
• Low maintenance – Requires only occasional sweeping and cleaning
• Durable – Resistant to cracking, chipping and fading
• Safe – Non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable
• Easy to install – Suitable for DIY installation
• Environmentally friendly – Produced from waste products such as pea husks and straw
• Long lasting – Lasts up to 10 years

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PEA GRAVEL peat moss
Product Description: Peat Moss is an organic material which has been used since prehistoric times as a soil conditioner. It is also known as ‘peat’ because it was originally dug from peat bogs. Today, peat moss is widely used as a growing medium for houseplants and garden plants.
Pea Gravel is a premium grade peat moss that is rich in nutrients and beneficial bacteria. It is ideal for use in potting mixes, mulches, and other gardening applications.
• Premium Grade Peat Moss
• Rich in Nutrients
• Beneficial Bacteria
• Ideal for use in potting mixtures, mulch, and other gardening applications
• Great for indoor plant care
• Easy to work with
• Available in 25kg bags


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