Nephrolpis Exaltata ‘Bostoniensis’


In a 1 litre pot it’s classed as being easy to grow. This unruly but elegant house fern has become very popular on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s common name is the ‘Boston Fern’ as it was originally discovered in Boston over 100 years ago. It has upright fronds which tend to trail with age so it’s a great allrounder. It requires average warmth above 50F in a location with good indirect light. The compost must be kept moist at all times, but do not overwater as waterlogging will lead to rotting. Mist regularly.

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Nephrolpis Exaltata ‘Bostoniensis’ is an ornamental houseplant native to North America. It has beautiful fern-like foliage with long, slender leaves, giving it a unique appearance.
• Ornamental Plant
• Houseplant
• Beautiful slender arching foliage
• Easy care
• Low maintenance


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