is an Eau De Parfum
Product Description: HOSTA ‘SUMMER FRAGIANCE’ is a fresh floral fragrance with notes of jasmine, rose, orange blossom, freesia and white musk.
HOSTA ‘SOMER FRAGIANCE” is a light and elegant fragrance suitable for daytime wear.

above the foliage in Summer.

Height                                 1m

Spread                                1.2m

Location                             Prefers a shady place.

Flowers                                Summer

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HOSTA ’SUMMER FRAGRANCE’ is an essential oil blend formulated to help calm and soothe the mind and body during the summer months.
Product Description: This unique blend of essential oils has been created to help relieve stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and sleep, and support overall well being.
• Helps reduce stress and anxiety
• Promotes relaxation and sleep
• Supports overall well being
• Provides relief from stress and anxiety
• Reduces tension and helps relax muscles
• Promotes restful sleep
• Supports overall wellness


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