HOSTA ’SO SWEET’ is a sweetener that tastes great and has an amazing nutritional profile. It is a naturally occurring sugar derived from stevia leaf extracts. Stevia leaves are harvested without harming the environment and then processed using a proprietary method to ensure purity and stability.
Product Description: HOSTA ‘SO SWEET” is a natural sweetener that tastes great, has an amazing nutritional profile and is safe for diabetics. It is a naturally occuring sugar derived from steviol glycosides extracted from stevia leaves. Stevia leaves are collected without harming the environment and processed using a proprietary method ensuring purity and stability.
• Naturally Occurring Sugar • Safe For Diabetics • Great Taste • Low Glycemic Index • Zero Calories
• Naturally Occuring Sugar • Safe For Diabetic • Great Taste • Low GI • Zero Calorie


Height                                 1m

Spread                                1.2m

Location                             Prefers a shady place.

Flowers                                Summer

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HOSTA ’SO SWEET’ is a sweetener made from sugarcane juice
Product Description: HOSTA ‘So Sweet’ is a natural, plant-based alternative to refined sugars. This product contains only natural ingredients such as fructose, sucrose, glucose, maltose, xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, and other naturally occurring compounds.
• 100% Natural Ingredients
• Gluten Free
• Non-GMO


• Low Glycemic Index
• Sugar Alcohol Alternative
• Great for Diabetics
• Good Source of Fiber


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