A clump forming herbaceous perennial which gets

better and stronger year after year, if the Slugs are

controlled, with wavy heart shaped blueish grey

leaves. White flowers are produced on stems

above the foliage in Summer.

Height                                 1m

Spread                                1.2m

Location                             Prefers a shady place.

Flowers                                Summer

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HOSTA ’HALCYON’ is an innovative, portable, self-contained, solar powered water purification system.
Product Description: HOSTA ‘HALCYON’ is a revolutionary product which uses a unique combination of technology to provide safe drinking water anywhere in the world. This device has been designed to provide clean drinking water even in remote areas where there are no other sources of water available.
It works by using a patented process called ‘halocarbon’, which removes harmful bacteria and viruses from contaminated water.
This device is also equipped with a built-in LED light which allows users to see when the unit is running low on power.
• Portable design
• Easy to carry
• Safe to use
• Can be used in remote locations
• Uses halocarbon technology
• Provides safe drinking water


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