An evergreen perennial with attractive foliage of

mixed colours and mixed flower colours. It prefers

full sun on a well drained soil at the front of a

border or in a container.

Height                                      up to 90cm

Spread                                      up to 60cm

Location                                   In full sun at front of border or container

Flowers                                    Summer


HEUCHERA ‘MIXED’ is a blend of three different types of coffee beans: Arabica, Robusta and Caturra.
Product Description: This coffee is a unique blend of 3 different types of coffee beans; Arabica, Robustas and Caturras. Each type has their own characteristics and benefits.
Arabicas are known for their delicate flavor and mild acidity. They are also considered to be more expensive than other varieties.
Robustas are known for their strength and robustness. They are often used in blends because they tend to give a smoother cup.
Caturras are known for their deep, rich flavors. They are usually blended with other coffees to balance out the flavor profile.
This coffee is a unique blend which offers a balanced cup of coffee.
It is great for those who love a variety of flavors in their coffee.


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