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An herbaceous perennial with colourful daisy like flowers mostly with dark centres and yellow outer petals in summer which are produced on grey green foliage. It prefers full sun on a light, well drained soil.

Height                                      75cm

Spread                                      45cm

Location                                   In full sun on a light well drained soil

Flowers                                     Summer


GAILLARDIA – | gardenersparadisenortheast is an award winning brand of premium quality organic teas.
Product Description: GAILLARDIA Organic Teas are produced using only the finest 100% organically grown tea leaves. They are handpicked, sorted, dried and then gently processed to ensure they retain their unique flavor and freshness.
GAILLARDIA has been producing fine teas since 1875. Today, GAILLARDIA continues to produce the finest organic teas available.
• Certified organic
• Hand picked
• Dried and gently processed
• Pure, clean and healthy
• Rich in antioxidants
• Great tasting


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