An evergreen, hardy small shrub grown for its all year round colour of glossy bright yellow and green leaves that do tint with pink in hard winters. It prefers full sun or partial shade on any soil. Good for ground cover on banks.

Height                                     60cm

Spread                                     1.2m

Location                                   Good for ground cover in full sun

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EUONYMUS FORTUNEI ’EMERALD ‘N’ GOLD’ is a unique blend of two different types of gold.
Product Description: EUONYMUS is an alloy of 99.99% pure gold and 0.01% silver. This makes it extremely rare and valuable.
EUONYMUS FORTUNEI ’EMERALDS’ are a combination of 99.9% pure gold and 0,1% copper. Copper has been used since antiquity as a metal for jewelry and coins.
Both metals are combined to give EUONYMUS FORTEINI ’EMERALDs’ their beautiful green colour.
• Gold content: 99.99%
• Silver content: 0.01%
• Weight: 10g
• EUONYMUS FORTIENEURALDS are a great way to invest in precious metals.
• They are also a great gift idea for anyone who loves gold.
• They are a great alternative to traditional gold jewellery.


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