Dracaena ‘Fragrans’


In a 1lire pot, this elegant specimen plant creates a focal point in any room with it’s crown of erupting glossy green leaves. It requires a medium heat of 55F but can withstand lower temperatures, in light shade. Keep compost moist at all times, reduce watering in winter.


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Dracaena ‘Fragrans’ Fragrant Dragon Tree
Product Description: This tree has been grown in the UK since 2010 and is now available to buy online.
It produces large fragrant flowers which are used in perfumery and also attract bees and butterflies.
This plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing conditions.
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth
• Produces large fragrant flowers
• Attracts bees and butterflies
• Great for attracting pollinators
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing


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