Doronicum ‘Little Leo’


A dwarf herbaceous perennial with small heart shaped foliage which flowers in late spring with bright yellow daisy like semi-double blooms. It prefers full sun on a well drained soil at the front of a border or rockery.

Height                                      35cm

Spread                                      40cm

Location                                    In full sun on a well drained soil

Flowers                                     Late spring


Doronicum ‘Little Leo’ is an herbaceous perennial that has been cultivated since antiquity. Its leaves are used in herbal medicine.
Product Description: This plant is known as “little leo” because of its resemblance to the lion. It is also called “lion’s tooth”, “leopard’s claw”, “lion’s paw”, “lion’s foot”, “lion’s claw”, “lions claw”, “lion claws”, “lion’s paws”, “lion’s hoof”, “lion’s heel”, “lion’s toe”, “lion’s tail”, “lion’s teeth”, “lion’s claws”, “lion claws” and “lion’s paw”.
– Herbaceous perennial
– Height: 60 cm
– Spread: 30 cm
– Flower color: White
This plant is known as “lion’s tooth” because of its resemblance. It is also called “lion’s claw”, “lion‘s paw”, “Lion’s claw”, “lion“s paws”, “leopards claw”, ”lion’s foot”, “Leopards Claw”, “the Lion’s Paw”, “The Lion’s Foot”, “A lion’s paw”, “lion’s paw” and “lion claws”.


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