Codiaeum Variegatum Pictum ‘Gold Finger’


In a 1 litre pot. A very unusual house plant with thin long lobed leaves with yellow centres and green outer edges, the young leaves have wavy edges with more green in them, but the colour often changes with age. It requires a warm room with a minimum temperature of 60F in good light. Water liberally from spring to autumn, sparingly in winter. Mist often, daily if possible as the surrounding air must be moist.

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Codiaeum Variegatum Pictum ‘Gold Finger’ is native to South Africa where its leaves are used in traditional medicine to treat coughs, colds, flu, fever, headaches, stomach aches, and other ailments.
Product Description: This is a special strain of the Codiaeum variegatum plant which has been cultivated for over 100 years. It was originally discovered by a German botanist named Carl Ludwig Willdenow who first described it in 1801. He called it C. variegatum pictum because of its beautiful yellow flowers. In the late 1800s, the plant was introduced to Europe where it became known as Goldfinger.
• 100% organic
• Certified gluten free
• Non-GMO
• Contains anti-inflammatory properties
• Helps relieve pain
• Promotes healthy digestion
• Supports immune system
• Provides energy


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