An evergreen hardy shrub with brilliant young

golden yellow oval leaves turning greener with

age. Fragrant white flowers are produced from

late spring. It prefers a well drained soil in a

sunny sheltered  spot. A truly elegant dense shrub.

Height                              1.2 m

Spread                              90 cm

Location                            A good addition to any mixed border

Flowers                             Late Spring.

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CHOYSIA TERNATA ‘SUNDANCE’ is an organic, non GMO, sunflower oil grown in California.
Product Description: Sunflower Oil is a great alternative to olive oil because it has a milder flavor than olive oil. It also contains more vitamin E than olive oil.
• Non GMO
• Organic
• Gluten Free
• Great for cooking, baking, salad dressings, marinades, dips, etc.
• Good for health
• Very versatile


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