Agapanthus ‘Queen of the Ocean’


An herbaceous perennial bordering on evergreen

in most areas, with clump forming strap shaped

dark green leaves. The violet blue flower is held

above the foliage on strong stems in rounded

umbels of trumpet shapes in mid summer.

It prefers full sun on a fertile well drained soil.

Height                                      1.2m

Spread                                      60cm

Location                                    In full sun on a fertile well drained soil

Flowers                                      Mid summer

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Agapanthus ‘Queen of the Ocean’
Product Description: This beautiful flowering perennial has been grown in my garden since I was a child. Its unique shape and colour are reminiscent of an underwater sea creature.
• Height: 60 cm
• Spread: 30 cm
• Flowering period: Spring
• Beautiful flowers
• Easy care
• Long lasting


Agapanthus ‘Queen of the Ocean’ is an evergreen perennial plant native to South Africa.
Product Description: This herbaceous perennial is evergreen in most areas of the UK. well in both sun and shade.
It produces large flowers which are usually white, pink or red. They grow in clusters along stems reaching up to 2 metres tall.
This plant is suitable for planting in borders, rock gardens, containers and hanging baskets.
• Evergreen perennial
• Hardy in zones 8-10
• Suitable for growing in pots and hanging baskets
• Easy to grow
• Good for cutting
• Flowers last for several months


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